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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Why in the World Did My Momm Stick a Hanger in My Christmas Box?

What an odd thing that she stuck a sturdy coat hanger in the box.  Oh well, nice hanger. I'll put my coat on it.

Well, not quite what Momm had in mind.  Her's the real reason for the hanger:

Merry Christmas to my grandchildren!

Here is their gift:

Oh, how cool is that?  It has Iron Man and Captain America both!  Those are the current favorites.  But, what is it?  Is it a blanket?  Nope, not a blanket.  But what can it be?

 It's a Lego mat. It's 2 yards long and about 45 inches wide.  Just about the right size for two little boys to play with their Legos comfortably.  When they're done, just hook the loops over the sturdy hanger  (No, son, it wasn't for your coat. Sorry.)

We always had a rule in our house that Legos were to be played with on a sheet or blanket. Any that fell off were quickly picked up or confiscated by the adults around.  At the end, we'd gather up the corners, causing the Legos to fall to the middle, and then work together to dump them into a big bin.  My son had mentioned that they were planning on the same rule for their boys.

With this, they don't even need to dump them into the bin; just hang them up for another day.  I hope they like it!

I made long channels for the cords to run through, but I think it might have been easier and better to just sew the cords into the ends.  However, this way they can gather it into more of a sack if they like, and since it in one long cord, there is no danger of it pulling out from the seams.

Now I am worried about the long cords if they gather it down, so I might suggest to the parents that they could put a safety pin through the corners to prevent that until the boys get older.

Next best thing to getting actual Legos!  Oh yeah, got them too.  And so did the other grandparents!  So they are all set for some building fun.

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