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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

If Superman Was so Super, Why Did He Need a Cape to Fly?

And how can we keep him from getting hung by the neck by his own cape?  

Earlier this year, my daughter-in-law asked  me to make capes for her boys.  I was happy to, but it took me a while to get them done, so I just threw them in with the Christmas box.

My concern with capes is that if they get caught somewhere, they could choke the kid before he can get help.  I considered velcro straps instead of ties, but even that worries me, because if you catch it just right, it might still not come undone.

After researching a bit on the internet, I came up with simple instructions for making a safe cape.  I modified the pattern a little, because it was using felt, and had Batman edges.  I used regular fabric and hemmed the edges, so they are washable, but otherwise it's pretty much the same.

My capes have no designs because my daughter-in-law has some iron-ons she will use for them.  My husband asked a little boy downstairs to model them for me, and here they are.  I made four colors, but we got pictures of two of them. The others are red and green.  Each took about a yard of fabric.

Superman ponders the secrets of the universe.
Or maybe he's just a bit shy.

I have got to print this one for his mom.

Batman is ready to jump, or fly, or whatever Batman does!

On this cape, you can see the elastic on the arms.

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