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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Money Can't Buy Happiness, But It Can Help Dreams Come True

Christmas for my sons this year is very simple.  I made each of them a bank, similar to the one I made last year for Secret Santa.  Of course, they are in  more masculine designs, like red and black and brown, favorite college logo, cars, etc.  I personalized each one and filled it with treats--nuts, dried fruit, white-chocolate covered cashews--the kind of things they love but most young families can't get on a budget.  

One son and his Sweetie are coming and going by Greyhound bus, so they will have snacks for the return trip. She gets a bank too. Hers is all flowers and stripes and very pretty.

We shopped at a nearby store that carries such items in bulk at a very good price, so there is plenty left over for us to enjoy.

I made up little sayings and stickers to attach to the banks. Each was personalized for the recipient.  On the one with the George Bush quote, I added a Mickey Mouse and Disney logo, since their family is saving for a big trip to Disney World. I thought he'd get a kick out of the quote, since I'm fairly certain he's not a Bush fan.

I also covered them with clear adhesive paper to make them more durable.  They came out pretty nice. This one is the one for the youngest, who is in college, and is also in the military to defend his country and pay his way through school.

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