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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Caps for Kids

I bought some gorgeous soft teal yarn (Caron Soft) for a sweater, but I didn't like the way it was knitting up for it.  I took most of it back, but what to do with the remaining skein, which I had opened?

I found this cute pattern for caps, knitted in 3 patterns, and it looked like fun to try, so I started in on a cap. 

It's acrylic, washable yarn, so it would be pretty good for kids' caps. The pattern is supposed to be for baby caps, but with bigger yarn and needles it was perfect for kids.

After I got the teal one done, I used leftover purple Caron Soft for a second one. I got the two of them done in time to donate to Coats for Kids, along with a scarf my daughter-in-law started last year.  It didn't come out all that well, but it'll be warm for someone, and the caps are darling.

For the pompoms on top of the caps, I used pompom yarn.  I knitted it in with the yarn for the last row, so that when I pulled it tight at the top, it pulled all the little balls together, leaving a cute, tight pompom that children cannot easily pull yarn bits out of.

For a third one, I switched to a heavier pink yarn and even larger needles and made this one for my daughter-in-law.  I wasn't thrilled with the yarn--I think it fits the definition of "crap yarn"--it's kind of rough and doesn't show the pattern well, and it turned out too big for her.  However, she said she likes it and wore it all weekend at least.  It is big enough to fit over a tighter cap, and roll down her neck, so when we get those freezing winter days she can bundle up and stay plenty warm. 

And the yarn was free--a friend gave me a whole bunch of yarn she was weeding out.  I think the rest of it might be better for tying a quilt or something, but I did at least finish the cap just for the practice of it.

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Devon Lee said...

I loved the little girl caps and your DIL looks so cute in the 'crap yarn' cap.