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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Frosty the Snowman melted away and all the kids got for Christmas was a corncob pipe...

I really don't know the song/story of Frosty.  To me a Frosty is an ice cream at Wendy's!  

The Chocolate Frosty™ ShakeI was going to remake a very cute polka-dotted dress that didn't fit any of us into a tote bag for my polka-dot loving daughter-in-law for Christmas.  I had the lining of a purse I bought but ended up not liking, with the pockets all sewn in already, for a lining.  As I started to cut apart the dress I realized it was gored and all the pieces were narrow.  I then decided a makeup bag for her Disney World trip would be a nice gift.

I cut out the lining and some fusible interfacing, turned on my iron and went to work.  The first thing I did was melt one of the pockets.  Apparently this purse lining was made of a cheap synthetic fabric. So now the pocket was all scrunched up, basically unusable.

Having no scraps to use as a lining, or time to remake all the pockets and everything, I tossed the entire thing in the trash and went shopping.

Merry Christmas, dear daughter!  I'm afraid your gift is a little generic, and no polka-dots, but it comes with warm thoughts and lots of love!  

Wendy's has a special deal on with ToysRUs;  I don't know much about it but if you want to find out how to buy a kids' meal and get a Toys gift card, click here. It might be "maybe" get a gift card.  I'm not sure.  They didn't pay me to post this, either; I just found it when I went looking for a picture of a Frosty.

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Devon Lee said...

Aww... sorry about the gift not turning out. You get an A for effort. Hopefully the daughter-in-law will appreciate the store bought gift even more knowing the story behind it.