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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Flip-Flop YW Recognition

In our church the teenage girls work on a program of Personal Progress.  When they have achieved a number of goals, they receive a "Young Women Recognition" award, and in my area we have a special program to present it.  This is a very big deal in their lives, often compared to a young man earning his Eagle Scout rank.

One of the girls chose a Flip-Flop theme, with decorations and treats, and even encouraging the other girls to wear flip-flops.  Her mom opted to do most of the planning and prep, for which I was grateful, but they asked me to do the printed program and give a short speech.

For the program, I used the flip-flops to bring a certain theme to mind.

Do you recognize it?  I wanted it to be reminiscent of the poem about footprints; when you only see one set it means Christ is carrying you.  I knew this young woman is familiar with the poem.

Our bishop talked about how flip-flops are fun and versatile, but to avoid the negative connotations of flip-flopping,  wavering between right and wrong, blown about by the world's views and what you think is expedient.

And my speech?  What the YW program is, how it fits in a gospel context, and the role of parents and leaders, plus the role of the young woman herself, bringing in this particular girl's accomplishments whenever it was appropriate.