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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Infinity Scarf for a Cool Neck

I made this scarf for my sister-in-law, whose neck gets quite painful if exposed to cold--even air conditioning can do her in.  The pattern is called simply Sanibel Cowl, and can be found at Classic Elite.  I made it longer than the pattern shows by adding in more stitches and using a little bigger needles (size 10 instead of 8) which turned it into a scarf that can be worn more than one way.

Worn long, it's light and doesn't add a lot of
warmth except to the back of the neck and shoulders.
Perfect for summer this way!
It can be doubled around to be a little warmer
and add style to your outfit.
Here I simply added a pretty pin to dress it up.
At some point I think I doubled the stitches, giving it a slight ruffled effect around part of it. Since I liked it, I did not take it out.  When you do the eyelet, you do a YO, then K2 together. On that part I forgot the K2 together! I could have made it wider if I had done that; this way it took a little more than a skein--I finished off the last row and binding off with some leftover yarn from another project.

I should note that I also used not only the eyelet the pattern shows, but I also used an occasional "reverse row" among stockinette stitches to add a bit of variety.  

This pattern is easily adaptable to knew ideas, since it does not have a set eyelet pattern to start with. The pattern suggests you vary the eyelet spacing rather than keeping it even.  

I did not use the suggested Sanibel yarn; I just picked up some nice soft light yarn over at Michael's.

Last comment: I don't knit on a deadline, but I happened to get it done just in time for her birthday, so she got a nice birthday surprise!