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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekly Ad Sorter

I wanted a sorter for the side of my fridge, so I can have a handy place for this week's ad, a recipe or two, and current coupons that I want to actually find and use. Since I eat natural foods a lot, there are only a few coupons, but they get lost easily.

I looked at office supplies and other paper sorters on different websites but they were either not what I wanted, too expensive, or both. Then I went to a church "Give and Take" event and found this ideal basket.

I got some ribbon to decorate it, but ended up not liking the color choice I picked up once I got it home.  My pad of scrapbook paper caught my eye, and I cut out some pieces the right size and glued them on.

I sprayed the whole thing with acrylic sealer before gluing on the flower. It has an orange button center.

Embellished wicker basket
This was a quick, easy, and practically free project.  I did have to buy some sticky-back hooks to hang it on my fridge.  I am having trouble getting it to stay, so maybe a trip to Radio Shack for some really strong magnets is in order.  That will make it easier to take off when I move too.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

One Bit at a Time

My desk drawer needing organization


My desk drawer with the beginnings of an attempt to organize using TV dinner trays

My desk drawer after $3 at Dollar Tree. 

Worth the investment!

I cut the long skinny trays in the middle and then overlapped them so I could adjust them to the size I wanted. 

In this picture the paper clips are loose, but I only have a few in there, so I added a stick-on magnet strip to the side of the basket and lined them up on it.  Notice that I am keeping the disks and store discount cards well away from the magnet. 



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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Where Can I Buy Bulk Foods

Our church had a preparedness fair on Saturday.  We had several displays set up and classes on various topics such as water storage.  I was asked to research and create a display on where to buy bulk foods. 

I created this list in a short time:

Just “Google” bulk foods or food storage and you may come up with others.
Either my friends or I have purchased from all except Frontier Co-op, though some of our local stores carry their brands.  I love Vita Cost!  They ship promptly and save me a lot on supplements.  They carry "natural" foods too. 

Here's what my display looked like.   I'm very grateful for my computer!

I also found a list of organizations in Eastern Iowa.   

Iowa Valley Food Co-op   http://iowavalleyfood.com/about/
New Pioneer Food Co-op               http://newpi.coop.dnnmax.com/ 
Pick your own Farms                      http://www.pickyourown.org/IAeastcentral.php 
Sam’s Club                                        samsclub.com 
Stringtown Grocery,Kalona, Iowa
Northern Iowa Farms                   www.iowafreshfood.com  
Here is Ginger sitting in the display.