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Sunday, December 11, 2011


The first weekend of December the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints hosts a nativity celebration for the community here.  It is a wonderful event, with people from all over the area bringing their creches to share with others.

Besides the displays, there are musical groups performing throughout the two-day open house, and a children's area for the little ones, where they can do crafts and dress up as the characters in the Bible story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

I always like to spend time with children, so I went in and did the craft.  They had run out of beards for Joseph, so I cut the hairpiece and turned it upside down to make a beard.  The table was rough-textured, so I turned crayons sideways to rub the rough texture at the back.  The "wood grain"  is just lines drawn in before I colored.

I always like to put my own little twist on things, so I have Mary holding the baby Jesus, while the manger is full of straw.  One of the little girls wanted pants on Joseph, which gave me the idea to cut a slit in the robe, so my Joseph is wearing pants, and I drew on the clothing design and sandals.

It was on a white paper, but I cut mine out and scanned it on a brown background. I like it enough that I might just straighten it out and glue it on.

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