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Monday, June 27, 2011

My Secret Sister!

The week before camp, Hope got her Secret Sister paper.  She was looking at it, and I walked into Young Women's Group to sit behind her, and I saw the paper.  I didn't mean to snoop, but you tend to notice when you see your name in your own handwriting.  So I new she was my Secret Sister.

I told Deanne, one of our leaders, about it, but I was going to act all surprised when I found out it was Hope.  I didn't mind knowing, though it does spoil the fun a little.

The first day of camp, Angela, our camp director, hung all the Secret Sister Pockets in the pavilion/shelter thing we had for cooking and general gathering.  It was so cool; it was like Christmas stockings all in a row.  A while later, Hope came bouncing out, all bubbly and excited, saying my name, and "Your Secret Sister came!"  I went and looked, and there was the prettiest pack of scrapbook paper!

All week I got cool stuff, and I tried to kind of mention it when Hope  was around.  I would kind of come up behind her sitting in a group, and show somebody my gift, and say, "Look, this is so cool!" and things like that.

On Wednesday night Hope's mom, Jill, came down to stay overnight. She slept in my tent, and Deanne had to leave camp because she had to work on Thursday.  I showed Jill all my Secret Sister stuff.  I said, "It's like she knows my heart." and "I'm pretty sure her mom helped her pick it out."  and "I kind of feel bad for my secret sister because I can't eat sweets, and I know that's hard when you can't give candy and stuff like that." I meant all of it, but I also wanted Jill to hear it because I knew she was the mom who helped pick it out.

On Friday morning, before we broke camp, all the girls were telling each other who their secret sisters were.  I went into our tent, and Deanne gave me this adorable little giraffe pen, and said, with a twinkle in her eye,

"I'm your Secret Sister!"  I said, "No, you're not! I know it's Hope."  I thought she was just trying to play a joke on me because Angela and I had played one on her the night before.

It turns out the joke really was on me!  She and Hope had traded so I would really be surprised.  Deanne, Hope, and Jill told each other everything I said about my secret sister all week.  They had such a good time, and never gave it away!

So it turns out that I was probably the only person at camp who hadn't figured out her Secret Sister by the end of the week!  It's hard to pull off a joke like that and fool me so completely, and it's awesome that they did!

Or did they?  Maybe the final joke was making me believe it was Deanne, and it was really Hope all along!  I guess I'll never know.

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