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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Secret Sister Headbands

I'm off to girls' camp as a leader.  One of our traditions is to do Secret Sister acts. Everyone draws a name and does one small gift a day for their secret friend. In the end, of course, identity is revealed.

My secret sister is a 12-year-old girl who loves pink, brown, blue, and headbands, among other things.  I decided to do a headband a day along with other small gifts.  I picked up a set of plain headbands, took them home, and jazzed them up with hot glue and random decor, mostly things I had on hand from other projects.

The final results:

Blue.  I just used stick-on gems to jazz it up a bit.

Pink and purple: Ribbon Glued on to the sides. I glued an extra little bit around the ends to give a more finished look.

Fluffy Flower--side view and details:
I wrapped it with ribbon first so the glue would stick better between the buttons and the headband.

Elegant Flowers:
I sewed the ribbon on both sides, put it on the headband, and glued the ends closed.  The flowers are glued in uneven layers on the ribbon, then topped by an old gold button.

"Gemstone" Tiara:

For this one, I simply cut a section out of an old necklace and glued it on over a ribbon wrapping.  This necklace used to be my mom's, but thrift stores are also a good place to find that sort of thing.

I wish I had bookmarked all the websites where I got the ideas and instructions, but if you are a crafter, these are pretty easy to figure out.

Have a grand day--with your hair out of your face!

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