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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Two-Hour One-Hour Skirt

 I had seen one-hour skirt tutorials on the internet, and I thought that would be a good project for this piece of fabric. I love the flowers, but it was the end of the bolt, and there wasn't enough for the straight or bias-cut skirt patterns I have.

I simply took the fabric, which was about twice as long as my waist, folded it with the ends together, so the selvage was at the top and bottom, and sewed a seam.

I added a machine-stitched hem and elastic casing at the top, strung the elastic through, and tried it on. Deciding it was about 8 inches too long, I cut off six inches and then re-hemmed it using up two-inches in the hem.  I decided to just go ahead and machine hem it.

No pins needed except while working with the elastic, just a good iron. Press in the hem or casing and head for the machine.

So why two hours?  Well...the thread got caught in the tension thingie on my machine once, and the bobbin thread broke once, and my old eyes couldn't see what size the needle was (I'm going to buy the color-coded ones from now on!) and then I was all done and had to cut off and re-hem the bottom.

And that extra piece?  I am going to use it for a ruffle for a skirt or dress for my grand-daughter! It's already hemmed; I just have to gather it and sew it on!

 This picture shows how full it is; for a thinner skirt, just use less length.

Does the skirt make me look fat?  No, I already am.  I actually got tons of compliments on it!


Kristy said...

I think it turned out really cute. I like the shirt you have on with it, matches really well. Can't wait to see a picture of what you make with the left over :)

Dawn said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for your comment on my blog - for those of us who are perfectionists it isn't easy to write in our books! I will share the info about the book soon - just have to get things written down and time to post - hopefully by next week! Thanks for visiting!
Oh and I like your skirt! Looks very cool for summertime. I LOVE wearing skirts and I wear them alot. We made skirts like the one that you did when I was in grade 8. Dawn