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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Open Studio at the Library

At our public library they have an event they called "Open Studio."  They do a different craft or art experience each month. For July they had leftovers of many previous months.  They were pretty simple.  I did a pincushion. Mine is a lot bigger than the instructions; I used a spray-paint can lid.

I'm not too impressed with it but I kind of had to hurry on the stitching.  It was just fun to go out and meet other people and do a craft.

I could redo my final stitching but if I'm going to sew at home I might as well work on my skirts and blouse that I have going.

My son and his girlfriend went along, and they decided on drawing. There were several books for reference and he decided on an airplane.  Nicely done for a beginner! The frame was even provided for him.

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