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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bunny Baby Shower

When Holly received a sample baby shower invitation in the mail, her three-year-old decided he should have a baby shower for Notches, his eyeless stuffed rabbit.

This sounds like lots of fun, and led to a fun beginner knitting project. I made three baby bunnies for him. Each is a little different, and I put three birth certificates in the package, so he can name the bunnies.

Perfect, they are not, but they are kind of cute.

 Bunny Behinds: 

 Turned sidewise they look like fish with ears. 

Each bunny is done in a different kind of stitch. In the picture above, you can see the detail of the stitching.
Left: Stockinette Stitch (aka stocking stitch). Center: Garter Stitch.  Right: Seed Stitch.

Below: another detailed view of the knit stitches. 

I had to have some fun with the bunnies before I sent them on their way to my grandson.  

Ginger gets a Bunny Hug! 

Ginger and the Bunnies
on a chair back.

Cheerleader Bunnies

Ginger and the Cuddly Bunnies.

Ice Cream Bunnies!

The original pattern is found in the book "Knitted Toy Tales: Irresistible characters for all ages"  by Laura Long, published by David and Charles.

Mine don't look much like the originals,
which can be found on Amazon.com

I like them anyway.


Catherine said...

they are very cute and I love the way the tails match the insides of the ears

Colie's Kitchen said...

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