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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Giant Beads at a Tiny Price

I made these giant beads for our church nursery out of foam swim noodles, smooth rope, and flexible plastic lids. (I used cottage cheese lids, the thick, pliable kind.) You cut the 'noodles' into about 1-inch slices to make the beads. Cut the rope into 2-foot long pieces. We used a nylon coated rope, so my 21-year-old firebug (former Boy Scout) melted and shaped the ends for me to make a nice smooth end for stringing the beads.

Anthony drilled a hole in each lid, a little smaller than the rope. After I pushed the rope into the hole, my son melted the ends and splayed them so the lid stays on at the bottom of the rope.

The kids absolutely love this toy. My thanks to my friend Deniece, a former preschool teacher, for the idea. Thanks, also, to the parents for giving me permission to use the pictures on my blog.

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