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Monday, February 8, 2010

Understanding of a Child

I started cleaning out the garage, a little bit. Missy L's Hannah Montana Beanbag Chair was out there. I don't really have a space for it in the house, so I was going to give it to her to take home. Unfortunately, I discovered a mouse had made itself comfy in her chair. It does not fit in the washing machine either (Yes, I really tried that!) so I ended up throwing it in the garbage.

When her daddy brought her over on Friday, there was her chair sticking out of the top of the very full trash can. Uh-oh! He explained to her what happened, and when I apologized, she said, "It's Okay, Grammy. I understand."

Now we are faced with needing to sell our house, and we can't quite come to terms with it. We've only lived here 20 months. I need to go to the Lord and say, "It's Okay, Lord. I understand." And let go.

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Life in the Highlands said...

Great post. You are right. We can learn a lot from a child. And I'm sorry you have to move. That's so hard.

PS: Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and for the smoothie recipe!

PPS: I love your blog background. It's heavenly.