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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Quick Nursery Certificate

My husband announced at the last moment that he had forgotten he wanted to do a certificate for the children graduating from church Nursery into Primary.  This happens at the age of three! He is a nursery leader and wanted to do a little something special for them.

In our nursery each child has a picture with his name on it, and a magnet stuck to the back.  When the child arrives, his picture is put up on the magnetic chalkboard.  Any volunteers or leaders can look at it to remember the name, so even new children quickly feel comfortable and loved.  This is important, whether they are new because of moving in, or when they become old enough for Nursery, which is at the age of 18 months.

Each January, all the children who are three years old move on into the "Sunbeam" class of Primary. The week before that, the picture is taken down and given to the parents as they leave Nursery.  I quickly whipped up a certificate for him to mount the picture on.

We put the year 2012 on it, but I left this one with no year in case anyone wants to save and use it.

I printed them in black and white so they could photocopy easily, and he had the children color as much as they wanted of it.  Here is a picture of one that is finished. I blurred out the face and name for the sake of child protection. I was thrilled when his mommy posted it on Facebook.