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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Organizing for Real People -- What's Behind Door #2?

Here are three doors in my bedroom.  The first goes out of the room.  The third is a clothes closet.  But What is behind Door #2?  a linen closet, right? 


It's a handy place to store items we use a lot!

So where do I put my linens?  Well, I don't have a lot of them.  I have an extra set of sheets, and some guest bedding--an air mattress, sleeping bags and extra pillows.  They go in this handy trunk which I have had since I was a child.

No matter where I live, I find room for my trunk.

A couple of other fun closet things I do to keep my life halfway sane:

Extra shoe rack mounted on the wall behind the bedroom door.  I use it to put gloves, caps, and a poncho, besides shoes.  I have one on the main closet door as well, and I keep my deodorant in one of the pockets.
My closet is small, so I store away seasonal clothes in the off-season.  When I do this, I  turn all the hangers  in my closet backward.   Once I have worn the item, I turn its hanger forward.

 Twice a year, when I do the seasonal changeover, I get rid of anything that is still hung backwards.  If I didn't wear it this year, I surely won't wear it next year either.

Exceptions:  A couple of formal dresses that I don't get to wear often but keep just in case.


Hang like clothes together.  I don't worry so much about color, but I hang up camis & undershirts together, then short sleeve tops for work, then long sleeve tops for work, "grubby tees" together, pants, skirts, pajamas.  

I hang my pajamas because I have very little dresser space, and because I don't like wrinkled pajamas.

I have a three-tiered hanging basket for socks. Unmentionables are in a drawer, along with swimsuits and a few things I don't wear often, so I don't need them as handy.

I live in a cold place in the winter, so I keep a rack of hooks on the back of the closet door.  It's full of scarves so I can quickly choose the one that suits me for the day.  You can see it in the top picture.

I use wall space behind the door, outside of the closet (out of sight in the picture) for a hanging jewelry rack and a small hamper.  It's not the most beautiful thing, but it fits the space and is better than laundry on the floor.  I don't like a hamper in the closet because I don't want the clean clothing picking up a dirty clothes smell.

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