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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh You Beautiful Doll!

I got Scarlett for Christmas and she's been standing
around on my sewing desk ever since.

Post-Christmas Untidiness.  See how the sofa is stuck against the desk?   And the TV turned at an angle so we can see it from the sofa?  

Second "Before" Picture.  The villages are all taken down, the tree is put away, but things are not back to normal yet. 

AFTER:  There's Scarlett, on the shelf with her friends, and a
blanket artfully hiding the ratty part of the couch.  

The TV is now on a turntable, which was formerly rather uselessly stuck under some plants.  Now we can easily swivel it to any direction we need. 

Larger View of comfy living area.

And my desk is ready for a sewing project! 


Devon Lee said...

Woo-hoo Lynn! Great job.

hsmominmo said...

Good for you! The organizing challenge this month has helped me get life back in order.