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Monday, April 16, 2012

New Beginnings: "Arise and Shine Forth" Mixed with "Snow White" Printed Program

We had a picture of a mirror on the front cover, "engraved" with the words: 

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, 
How can I be faithful
and truly stand tall?

The original mirror is available at Pottery Barn. I wish I could buy it and etch the saying on it. That's a someday project maybe.  I'm not putting a picture of it here, because the rights belong to Pottery Barn.

Inside the program, we printed the following message:

When our Beehive Adviser did the spotlight on the new girls, welcoming them into Young Women, she had their names over a picture, like puzzle pieces. She took them off one by one, revealing the YW Torch, with a fancy frame like a mirror frame.
Arise and Shine Forth that Thy Light may be a Standard for the Nations.

Permission given to use any of these for personal or church use only. All other rights reserved, as usual for any projects on the blog.

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