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Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Beginnings: "Arise and Shine Forth" Mixed with "Snow White" (gifts)

We made each of the girls a mirror, decorated with flowers, rhinestones, and the theme scripture from Doctrine and Covenants 115:5.
"Arise and Shine Forth that Thy Light May Be a Standard for the Nations."'
Each mirror was different, unique as all the girls are unique.
Close up of the sticker.
After printing, I added a sticky rhinestone to the center of the star.
For a copy of the full sheet, see my post,  Arise and Shine Forth Labels.

Gallery of Mirrors on Display
Each of the incoming Beehives received a crown.  As we progressed through the skit, they received colored stones, 8 in all, in each of the value colors, to attach to their crowns.  Later we gave the other girls tiny gift bags filled with the same stones.

Coming soon: Pictures and script from our skit: 
 Faith White and The Seven DORVs.  

I gave a little talk about the gifts.  The full text is below: 

Each is a different. They are all beautiful, but no two are exactly alike.  They are unique, just as you are unique. 

Some have more flowers; some have no flowers at all.  Some are fancy; a couple are plainer.  Some have more sparkle than others.  Hopefully there is one to fit each of your taste and personality.

Some are made better than others, as I got more practice.  Then again I got tired toward the end of the project.  Maybe you feel like, as the oldest, your parents weren’t as good at it as they are with your younger siblings. Or maybe you feel like, as the youngest, you got the short end of that stick—your parents are older and tired.  Or maybe you feel like your parents did a lousy job altogether, though I hope none of you feel like that about your parents. 

You know what?  You are still beautiful!  Not perfect, just as none of the mirrors are perfect, but beautiful just the same.  Your experiences are creating you to be unique and beautiful.
You will each get to choose a gift after the closing prayer.  Now, since New Beginnings is all about meeting the new Beehives, I would like you older girls to let the girls born in the year 2000 go and choose first.  After that, please choose your own, quietly and respectfully.  

You may have your heart set on a particular mirror, and another girl takes it.  It’s okay; there’s going to be a beautiful one for you.  We sometimes feel like somebody else always gets the good stuff.  Maybe you want Ama’s hair, or Ashlynn’s musical talent—or Shelly’s spunk, and instead you feel like you are quiet, out of tune, and mousy.  But I promise you, you are beautiful just the way God made you.  

There are more mirrors here tonight than there are girls here.  The “leftovers” will go out to the girls who didn’t come tonight.  That’s sort of like life too. Those who are attending their meetings and keeping the commandments will get a great variety of blessings, and get them sooner. Last week we acted out the parable of the ten virgins. Those who were prepared received the blessing.
I made the mirrors with the regular side facing outward. On the back side is one that enlarges your face.  I put it to the back because I want you to look at the mirror every day and see beauty and potential.  I don’t want you to enlarge your flaws, only seeing the “big bad stuff” in your mind. 

I want you to see beauty, and go out the door knowing you are a Daughter of God and prepared to Arise and Shine Forth, that your light may indeed be a standard for those you meet each day. 

I also have a gift for each of the girls who didn’t get a crown.  Here is a little bag with the very same stones.  I hope you will put them in a special place. Tape them to a mirror, or put them in a little bowl on your dresser.  You could attach them to a strip of ribbon as you reach each personal progress goal.   As you work through your personal progress goals, you will grow in the gospel and it will become  a great treasure in your life.  Before you know it, you’ll be Faith White yourself!


pattie said...

Neat idea will share this with our leaders if its ok

Lynn said...

That's great! I put it up there to share. There are more details in the other posts about it; it took me a while to get it all posted.