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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Priesthood Blesses Everyone

Lesson 13 is on how the Priesthood blesses families. There is a lot about what a father should be, and not all fathers are, so I chose to focus on other areas of ways the Priesthood blesses us.  Maybe if I taught Young Men I would focus on the fatherhood thing. 

In my own group, so many of the girls' fathers do not live up to gospel standards, and a card featuring that would have discouraged me.  I hope that using a picture of the boys their age at the Sacrament table will help them focus on their actions now, and making choices that lead to the temple, featured in the bottom panel.

I'm sure they only look at it once anyway, but I want that one time to make an impact.

Feel free to use this for personal and church use only; all other rights reserved. The temple and rose photos are copyright Anthony R. Ford, and the Sacrament picture is from lds.org  The quote is from the Young Women Manual 3.

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Patty Ann said...

I loved this today. I grew up without a father in my home and I totally love the way that you chose to show how the Priesthood can bless all their lives.