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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Project (Part I)

Our Young Women are making Easter Baskets for children in a hospital. It was their idea, and it is a joy to see their happiness and enthusiasm as they prepare this special project.

Last week we made stuffed bunnies. I presented a simple one as an example, and it was delightful to see their creativity shine as they stuffed and decorated the bunnies.

The pattern is from "Fantastic Rainy Day Book", a wonderful treat for the creative child. (Angela Wilkes, Dorling Kindersley books)

Here is the big group of bunnies. We used Crayola Fabric Markers for the faces. They were not as expensive as typical fabric pens, but not as smeary as a regular felt-tip marker.

I don't want to give all our secrets away just yet, but here's a box of supplies for the project--looks like Ginger Giraffe, our family mascot, wants to get in on the fun!

See that bag of pompoms? The girls wanted tails for the bunnies, so if they get focused and finish up tomorrow's part of the project, they just might have time to sew them on.   I got them, along with other fun supplies, at Dollar Tree.

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Patty Ann said...

What a wonderful idea! It is great to see the girls participate so enthusiastically in this. It will teach them so many good things! I still remember when my class went to sing to the children in the children's hospital. We read stories and talked and cried. It was amazing.