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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Project Part III--and finished!

Here are the baskets, done but not filled.  

Here is one all ready for delivery.  I would like to post pictures of the smiling girls with their finished projects, but I respect their privacy and don't do that without parents' permission.  Some of these teenagers are very sensitive about their pictures.  

Each basket includes a little card with the picture of one of the girls, signed with the name of our ward and "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" printed on it.  The girls decorated the front of the cards with adorable floppy bunny stickers.

The goodies include fun things like an Easter Bunny puzzle, the little pill that you soak in water and it turns into a seahorse or fish, a string to tie onto the butterfly so they can make it "fly,"  the story puppets I showed earlier, a pencil, a scroll with the Easter story, a little container of play-dough, a colorful straw, and paper to fold into frogs, with instructions.  Not too bad for a four-inch basket!  

It was so great to hear the girls cheerfully work and chatter away as they put together the final product.  I hope the children who receive them will be happy and feel our love.

I found a lot of the little toys and goodies at Dollar Tree.  Others I printed from various websites, which I may be able to show and list in a later post.  Right now I need to get ready for my own grand-children's Easter.

Have a happy Easter. Remember the Atonement of Christ is for YOU!

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