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Sunday, February 20, 2011

YW Nauvoo Temple Handout

There's a wonderful blog, LDS Handouts, where a generous lady called Melanie posts handouts that coordinate with the Young Women's lessons each week. These are a terrific resource and I appreciate her generosity. Our YW president prints them as 2x3 cards, punches a tiny hole in the corner, and gives them to the girls in our ward to put on a ring.  They then have it to look at during the week.

For this week the picture is a black and white of the Salt Lake Temple, with a long quote in front of it.  I wanted to do something with the Nauvoo Temple, since we're in the Nauvoo Temple District, so I came up with one of my own.

The photos of both the temple and the flowers are by Anthony Ford, who is also generous, saying he just wants to share his talent, and the more people who get to enjoy his work, the happier he is.  He does have a copyright, but it's okay to use it for personal use or for church. That said, I now post my card for all those who are interested in using it.  It is sized to use as 2x3 or 4x6 conveniently.

I also have pictures of the Manti, Jordan River, Draper, Mt. Timpanogos, Salt Lake, Oquirrh Mountain, and Oakland temples if anyone is interested. I could easily make up a similar handout for any of them.


Valerie said...

That is beautiful and I love the message with it!

Lynn said...

Thank you. This was one of the most fun ones to make.