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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's Curtain Time!

In our kitchen with the lovely chicken wallpaper, there were three bare windows, at least two of them visible from the street.  This really annoyed my husband, as he felt his privacy was being invaded. The truth is he doesn't like to have to be fully dressed every time he just wants a drink of water or something.

It took a few  months between other projects like Christmas gifts, but I finally got the window curtains all done.  Here is the finished project:

First window done, completely covered for full privacy.

The high window above the sink, 
with tiebacks so I can look out. 
I hate feeling closed in, 
so this was a good window for a compromise.

Window Number Three--I was pleased 
with the way they all matched up at the bottom.

Total cost  about $20, with scraps left over. I have made two purse linings out of the cream already, with some to spare. I have plenty of the orange fabric, so I may use it for gift bags or a sundress for Missy L.  That might be cute as a ruffled skirt with plenty of bright yellow mixed in.

These were Walmart flat twin sheets, $4 each. I can't remember if I used three or four of the cream color, and one of the orange.  They came in little fabric bags with a snap, though I don't see the point of it. I used the bags for Cookie Mix in Christmas gifts and to send Ginger's cousins off to visit Utah. 

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