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Sunday, December 12, 2010

An Apron for the Princess

Missy M. is almost six years old.
She is into Princess stuff.

I used that theme for Christmas.

Using a combination of patterns and ideas I found on other blogs, I made her this cute apron.


So I made it pink on the other side.


Pink seemed a little plain by itself, so I made an applique of the fabric from the other side.


I love the elastic neckline and velcro closure to make it easy for her to put it on and off herself.



Of course, if a princess is going to wear an apron, she needs something to cook. So I made her a Princess Cookie Mix.


The extra little packet of chocolate is for nibbling. That way there is still plenty of chocolate left for the cookies.

I used to snack on chocolate chips, and it was a little treat for the grandchildren when I shared. Most days that Missy came over we made cookies of some sort, so hopefully this will help her feel her Grammy's love.

Here is the finished project, before I gift-wrapped it to send.



Kristy said...

That turned out so cute. You are a wonderful grandmother!

ailinh harris said...

wow! can we say ADORABLE?! I love the Princess themed idea. You've got to be like one of the best grandmas of the year.