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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Animals

Missy M. came over for a visit yesterday. We made fun animal Easter eggs. She was so excited to show her mom!

Missy M with her favorite--the owl.

The rest of Missy M's eggs. She enjoyed being able to draw the faces herself. I love the dog!

My Eggs. I wasn't wild about the owl, so I made a chicken for the second one. I think the pig is my favorite.

I am not an experienced crafter, so this was a challenge. I started out with craft glue, switched to Krazy Glue, (which I am still peeling off my fingers!) and eventually settled on hot glue. M. was very patient with the fact that I had to do all the gluing at that point.  She decided to get creative with chenille sticks and markers and made a colorful egg to "feed" her animals! 

Maybe someone experienced could have done this faster; it took us over two hours--I would have quit sooner but M. was determined to do all six and take them home! With older kids, it's probably an hour project, because they can do their own tracing and gluing. 

I got the speckled eggs at our local Dollar Tree--18 in the package.

I found the original idea on  Be Different, Act Normal. She got it at Family Fun.  They have several others featured as well, and a template for making these.

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