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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Egg Fun

I had my niece over for Easter Weekend. It was very fun. She saw Missy M.'s eggs and loved them, so I got the stuff out and we made a bunch more together. She's 10 and was able to handle the glue gun by herself and did an awesome job.

I hope her mom will forgive me for letting her take all of them home. She and her new friend enjoyed playing with them for over an hour.

We traded ideas and pieces: She made the bee wings and I made the bee. I thought of the butterfly and she made it, but she thought of the ladybug and I made it.

The rose is all hers; I was taking a nap by then, her uncle was watching her work. The funny-looking orange thing is a Philippine monkey called a Tarsier.  The tiger reminds me of Hobbs, Calvin's little pal.

Later we did egg-dying with her cousin. We tried the wax crayon thing but with a little experimenting we discovered that hot glue works great for making patterns and peels right off when you are done. 

Here she's concentrating on drawing a design on her egg. 

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