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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I love LDS General Conference.  This quote from Dieter F. Uchtdorf inspires me, since I am always trying to do better, starting over again and again.  So I had to make a poster. 

Since the quote is copyrighted, please do not use this for any commercial use, but feel free to copy it for your own use.

I have to tell a little story on my husband. He came in from work, in a hurry to get a bite to eat before a meeting.  I asked him to look at this, and he gave me a casual, uh-huh, looks good, response.  "Did you even read it?"  I demanded.  He came over, read it, and immediately asked me to print several copies for the meeting he was about to attend.  Love you, Hon!


Devon Lee said...

Nice poster. Can I be nosy? What program did you use to make it? It really is awesome.

Lynn said...

I used Nova Scrapbook Factory. I need something better, but I have this and know how to use it, so I haven't changed over.