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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Missing Missy L

I just looked over and realized that one of my favorite kids in the whole world has gone missing from my sidebar.  I wonder what happened!  I think the poll took her place.  Who cares about polls anyway.  I've got to restore Missy!

Now she's back! And I didn't do a thing.  Don't we love computers?  My dad used to talk about "the innate animosity of an inanimate object."  I think he would have found classic examples in the computer age.  I also think he would have been fascinated by them.

After all, we had Atari, playing Pong, right away. Which is really amazing, because we weren't the rich kids on the block.  I think it just fascinated Dad.  Along with the talking doll and Voice of the Mummy.  Yes, he would have loved the computer age.

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