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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Poof Ball Sweater

When I finished Missy L's sweater at Christmas time, Missy M asked if I'd make her one too.  I said I would, but probably not get it done until about the time she starts the new school year.  She accepted that, and when I finished another project I had started, I started in on her sweater.  I had seen a picture of one finished, but I wanted a little brighter colors. 

The cutest picture of Missy M in her new outfit. 
She was wearing a bright-colored swimsuit, which happened 
to be just the right colors to wear with the sweater.  
The sweater is a little big, but she'll grow.  
My granddaughters are tiny.
I love this puffball yarn, which comes pre-made. No, you don't have to spend hours making pompoms that fall apart...this is already done and it's fairly sturdy.

This one shows off the whole sweater a little better.

When I got done, I had leftover yarn, some time, and a cute hat pattern, so I made her the cap to match.  I love it!  I got it done just in time to take it to her when we made a trip for her uncle's wedding--just a week or two before school started!

One of my little church gals loved the hat as I was making it, so I am whipping up a second one for her. I don't know if she'll like the puffballs on the top though; I might leave them off as in the original pattern.

Quick and bulky...and so cute!  I have Miss M in mind, though I know she wants one like her sister's.  @Tammy White, what do you think?
The original pattern. 

Hers is proportionally shorter than the one I made for Missy M; I'm guessing a slight variation in gauge or type of yarn used. I used a softer type of yarn, just because I liked the color and texture of that brand better.  It's still Red Heart, but it's the soft kind.

The hat is from "The Art of Knitted Lace"  which has several other darling patterns I want to try.  I learned how to do "Magic Loop" which took lots of practice, but is so worth it for knitting in the round on an item too small for cable needles.  I have yet to learn how to do knitting on three needles.  I will probably need to take a class and quit being self-taught for that one.

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