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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Digital Camera

I finally got my own little digital camera. Now I can take my own pictures of finished projects. Maybe that'll give me the incentive to actually get one done.

I read many reviews of inexpensive digital cameras, which said they don't give a lot of options. That's perfect for me! If I wanted options, I'd learn to use my husband's D-SLR. We went to Best Buy and played with a bunch of them, to get a feel for them.I finally settled on a Sony Cyber-shot.

I wanted black but it had to be special-ordered so I decided on silver so I could have it right now.

The other choice available locally was red, but it was a little too close to Utah Red! 

The BYU Blue one also had to be special-ordered. I really didn't want a color anyway, but that black was a very pretty camera!

The one I got doesn't say on the box it does video, and I was disappointed when I realized that.  Happily, it does have that feature, which will be nice when I see my family again, and it looks really easy to use.

It does have a lithium ion rechargeable battery, supposed to last 230 pictures. It's lighter and doesn't require carrying a bunch of batteries around, so that's good. But what if it dies in the middle of an important event? The Nikon Coolpix that takes AA batteries is a nicer shape, though. And should I have held out for black and waited the week for it to be shipped?

Buyers' Remorse. Isn't it awful? I'm happy, I got a camera, on sale, with a gift card to pay for the first $50 of it (Thank you Qwest) and now I can take pictures and basic videos.  I gave in to the temptation of comparing my price to the online price, and guess what?  I only found one price $5 lower; all the others were at least $10 higher. It's a wash between shipping and state sales tax, so I feel really good about the price. And I am helping support local people in keeping jobs.

I guess my next project is reading the manual.

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