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Friday, May 22, 2015

Is that a hot pot? Don't brush off this gift, okay?

Taking lessons from my niece on interesting blog titles. Hers always grab my attention.

My sister has an apple theme in her kitchen, so when I found a pattern for knitted washcloths with apples on them, I had to make them for her. However, I changed it up,being super independent and kind of crazy like I am.  When I got to the binding off, I added a loop for hanging. I added some cotton batting and cotton fabric, stitched them all together, and voila! Potholders for her apple kitchen.

I found these cute little brushes at Target one day, so I just had to get them to go with the potholders.  One day I put them all in a box and sent them "Just because."  It's not even close to her birthday or Christmas.

My sister was going to come to my graduation just a few weeks from finishing these, but hey, it's way more fun to get a package in the mail--a surprise especially--and open it up to see what's inside.

Detail of the stitching on the yellow potholder.
Stitched Side

Knitted Side

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