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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Observations from My First Month in Grad School

As an undergrad, I went to a satellite campus, and felt that people mostly kept to themselves.  In my current grad program, people are friendly, and we are beginning to form a cohesive group, helping each other out. 

I feel like my mind has expanded 100-fold in just a few short weeks.

Facebook is my friend. I created a group for our program, and it has been the best resource ever for our tough computer class, wherein we are learning JavaScript and HTML.

Expect the unexpected.

Sometimes it pays to use the more expensive parking, even though I've already paid for the student commuter lot. 

After all the technical difficulties I had getting ready for a PowerPoint presentation, the last was the short-circuit in my brain that incorrectly computed the time I needed to leave home for a class that I have already gone to several times.  Hence the expensive parking to get to class on time.  

I really can 
a. do homework
b. drive
c. work
d. watch flashy PowerPoints
e. listen to music
f. sort the laundry
                 even with a splitting headache, but it's not easy.  
But I can't do dishes, make dinner, or vacuum.  

I saw a car that had a school plate--football is a huge thing here and it's quite common to see them--but this one had a plate that said MRSBOB. (name changed to protect the innocent.) My reaction was that I would never do that.  I love my husband but I am not just MRS somebody. Besides, my husband's name is too long to fit on a plate with MRS on there too.  

What kind of person drives that car?  I found myself making up scenarios in my mind. 

I wonder...
  1. How many of us know exactly what our license plate says?  I always did, but for some reason the latest one doesn't stick in my head.
  2. If I personalized a plate, what would I put on it?  What would you?
I also wonder...will I still feel a little bit wacky and wry after my Excedrin and Coke (the drink not the drug) wears off?  Probably.  

I certainly don't have time for projects and crafts, so this blog may be all about school for a while.

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