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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Iron Man--with Irony, and Iron-on Stencils

My grandson in his Iron Man shirt--with brother getting in on the act!
I based this off of a couple of ideas I found when I did a Google search for Iron Man images.  One was a super-hero dude on an ironing board, holding an iron. The other was just the Iron Man words logo.  I loved the light burst effect in the background.

I used a freezer paper stencil, with matte acrylic paint, only one coat, for the light streaks.  You just cut out the image you want, then iron it on to the fabric, paint, and peel it off. There are tutorials all over the internet if that isn't enough info.

I did the red layer first, in a couple of coats of glossy red acrylic paint.  Next I did the top layer of letters, with glossy yellow.  That took about three coats to cover the red.

Problem areas:  The yellow didn't make a clean edge when applied over the red.  I ended up taking a red fabric marker and outlining everything.  It's still not entirely clean-edged, but it helped a lot.

Last step was to do the iron.  I just used yellow paint, and then went around it with the red fabric marker.  That seemed to work okay.

If you want to have some fun, put these words into a Google search:  ironman t-shirt ironing board.  Lots of great jokey things.

Pattern in jpg.  I printed two so I could cut out the different sections, being sure to save the middle piece on the A, R, and O, as well as the iron.