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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A New Time in My Life

My life and my mindset is changing. Today is truly a new day, every hour different and new from what it has been before.  In celebration, I recreated an old clock for my living room.

I had this old clock, which was cute in the 80's but is faded and dated, though the clockwork still works.  It's been in a box, with no battery, for a year.

My living room is a mix of old and new, with an antique barber chair and trunk combined with a modern love-seat and chair, and lots of black and white for bookshelves, accents, and curtains.  In keeping with this theme, I decided to create a retro/modern clock.

I reused the face and clockworks from the old clock to create the clock below for my living room. I bought a record at a thrift shop and used an outdated software cd for the middle.  Total cost: $1 for the record, plus one new AA battery. I had to drill the hole in the record a little bigger to accommodate the clock post, but otherwise it was easy to do.

The key is to take the clock apart piece by piece, laying out the hands and little nuts and washers in the order they are to go back on.  I then cleaned the old face and the CD thoroughly before putting them together. A few dabs of E6000 glue keeps the CD from slipping down since its hole is bigger than the post.

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pattie said...

Wow I agree way dated but this clock is AMAZING!