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Friday, May 6, 2011

To Knit or Knot to Knit?

If it seems like lately all my posts have been church stuff...well, that's pretty much my focus right now.  However, I've been getting a hankering to knit.  I just don't know when I will have time to actually do it.  Any suggestions for cute, quick, and easy projects will be welcomed.  I don't like clunky things, which most knitting results in, but the delicate things take so much time. I'm really still a beginner, but I get bored with knitting and purling in straight rows.  It's more fun to see a pattern develop.

To knit or to give up the idea?  I'm undecided.  Suggestions, please.


Giggles said...

I've loved knitting washcloths lately. They are the best to use. If I really sit down to it I can finish one in an evening. And I can practice different lace patterns on a small project. They make great gifts.

You could also look at Mochimochi patterns. She has a lot of patterns for tiny things. I made her tiny bunny for Easter and it took less than an hour. Her patterns are generally on double-pointed needles which always leave me feeling that if I were better at chopsticks I'd have an easier time. I've gotten over feeling like I'm going to stab my hand with them though.

Patty Ann said...

I want to learn to knit too. I used to do it many, many years ago. I know that wash clothes are easy, and so are slippers. I want to learn to make hats and socks.