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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Train Brooch

My mom gave me this pretty pin several years ago for Christmas. It's a favorite of mine, especially when I am working with children. It used to have a string of "diamonds" like a trail of smoke.Unfortunately, I left it on a sweater one day, and the smoke trail broke in the washing machine.  Several of the stones also fell out, and most of them were missing. It sat on top of my desk for a year or two.

I bought Krazy Glue and miniature crystals and glued them in place. The big wheel stone was found, so I glued it in. The "smoke" is a bigger stone than the original, but I like it just fine.
Now I can wear my pretty brooch again, which I think my nursery children will enjoy.

I think mom would have enjoyed the whole thing, since she glued all sorts of things together. She was the queen of glue!

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Lynn said...

People are having troubles with the comment box for some reason, so they've e-mailed me.

Sandy said: Fun blog! Good for you, getting stuff done. And I did appreciate the train/glue story.

Carol said:I love your sight! I loved the little train. The pillow is cool, and I’d love to see the matching organizer.

I checked out your new blog, however, was not smart enough to figure out how to complete a comment. It kept coming up as a Preview and I didn't know what to do from there.
Good ideas for blogging. Thanks for sharing.